My Story about ME...ummm...about gypsy in training/co-owner... aka 12 year old "I know everything" kiddo just corrected me on sorry for the interruption!
I'm just a mom...a mom with a goal to stay home, create fun, funky, even outlandish things. I LOVE to find that vintage scrap of fabric, handstitched hanky, tattered lace or god awful mink stole (as my sis-in-law states it ever so delicately!) and whip them all together to create that gypsified bag that every gypsy at heart chick wants and can't live without!
Keep it Gypsy simply couldn't exist without a FAMILY that rolls up their sleeves, wipes off the sweat and gets to work.
So a heartfelt thanks to...
Ouida...My "oh my god what would I do without her?" mom
Donna...My "oh not ANOTHER animal hide" sis-in-law
Jordan...My "beautiful daughter with a million and one ideas of how to put together a "cool" bag"
And...last but not least...
Mark...A hubby that melts my heart...along with all my flowers (just had to say this and he's going to kill me!)
So now that I've given all the completely needed, have to give them, appropriate props...we have work to I'll see you soon!!!
Keep it Gypsy...Carmen